SAWUBONA – WELCOMELet’s talk positioning.

We advise governments, companies and non-government organisations on business development and communication strategies, working with market leaders on their most critical positioning challenges and opportunities.

WHO WE AREWe’re in this together.
Your team and ours.

Market leaders across the southern hemisphere value and say ‘yebo!’ to our work, because we remain true to our trademark values; integrity and excellence in all we do, and because we implement African-inspired solutions to their day-to-day challenges. Our company culture affirms critical thinking, creativity, determination and an attitude of overcoming all obstacles. We relish obstacles, and we deliver solutions. We maintain a global vision through our excellent relationships with teams of international associates who work with us on various complex projects, yet the focus is always on solutions that speak to African conditions.
Delivering pertinent and thought breaking conversations that shape continental thinking.
Partnering and working with global leaders to meet their most critical messaging objectives.

WHAT WE DOWe define success together

We partner and work hand in hand with local and pan-African governments, public and private-sector organisations and developmental agencies. Together with our global associates, we develop essential sales and marketing techniques and programmes that best equip our clients to meet their varied objectives. We offer corporates and communication-challenged organisations a reliable, high-quality alternative to in-house resources, which are often ill-equipped to handle aspects of business development, market development and channel development on a regional and global scale.

We’re specialists and we know our stuff. Our clients understand that working with reached Media (Pty) Ltd yields a professional result, due to our years of experience, insight, knowledge, contacts and confidentiality. reached Media will always deliver a more comprehensive, excellent and thorough solution to developmental and communication challenges than in-house non-specialists are capable of. Our many clients attest to this.

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