Faces of CSI Industry is our newest addition – a quarterly print publication that captures the best and the brightest, the high points and the lows, of doing CSI in South Africa. We’ve always had basic Monitoring and Evaluation – but never a journal that reflects the true state of CSI, with all its human interest, drama, knotty issues and challenges laid bare. Faces of CSI Industry will bring CSI into the centre of our national conversation, where it belongs – as a vital player in the growth and development of South Africa.

We’ll celebrate the people and programmes that get CSI right and critically examine the failures. We’ll profile the personalities and events, drill down deeper on policy and challenges, and probe the insights of many, from the professors to the forgotten heroines who keep hope alive in the direst and most overwhelming of situations.

Faces of CS Industry will be 30-40 page A4 glossy that reflects the issues that matter to you – a source of information and an introduction to the industry to those who are new. We’ll feature a listing of all CSI managers in South Africa and a point of connection for the many diverse personalities who are moving CSI forward in new and innovative ways.

CSI is changing – were not just corporates and NGOs, trying to rub along while pulling in opposite directions. The efforts of many are uniting to bring change in the industry – we have CEOs, writers, artists, photographers, musicians, academics and social media icons all feeding into a move to bring about positive change at every level of South African society. Corporates play an essential role; the money is there, and the will is there, but we still have our challenges in seeing that both are channelled wisely and efficiently. We’ll be thrashing out the issues, and we’ll be keeping it real.

NGOs, this is for you-you’ll find tips on proposal writing, advice from big-name sponsors, contact details of decision makers and case studies on what works and what does not. We’ll get NGOs, NPOs and business leaders talking so that we speak the same language and understand mutual priorities as we work on moving South Africa forward.

All stories on the print publication will have a permanent home on CSRNEWSSA’s new website – here.

Welcome to a new era of doing CSI in South Africa. This was your heads up – please look out for our first edition of Faces of CSI Industry in February 2019  – as we reflect the realities of our exciting and ever-evolving industry.