2018 is here and it’s our most important year yet.  2017 was a year of boundary-pushing and political polarisation in South Africa, with consequences that will reverberate for some time. As a social sector, we must not forget the lessons learned after the devastating Life-Esidimeni disaster or the many protests that swept across the country, demonstrating South Africans’ intolerance for abuses of power. Our political and social landscapes are deeply enmeshed, each reflecting fissures, instability and a persistence of old wounds, still unaddressed. The role of civil society and the CSI sector is particularly critical at this time, in helping to redress inequality, impart renewed hope, and support innovation and excellence.

reached Media spent the better part of 2017 developing and addressing core CSI issues. We are as engaged and as enthusiastic as ever, and entering the new year with a heightened sense of direction and a keener awareness of our role as one of many helping to develop South Africa.

This year we look forward to delivering material that will inspire and shape greater cooperation between social sector players ~ an essential ingredient as we look to raise the impact of CSI across the country. We have a number of exciting programmes and conferences, and an arsenal of ideas for funding strategies, sustainability and maximum return on investment for our clients.

The African Continent’s Global CSI Conference plans are well underway (see names of invited speakers here); the conference will see 500 industry executives, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and social sector fundis engaging on a number of related topics as they seek to increase the impact of social sector spending and meaningfully move Africa forward.

In view of global trends and the current social sector landscape, we have dubbed the industry theme for 2018 ‘go digital’. For maximum impact, government departments, companies, entrepreneurs and developers need to grasp the potential and the varied applications of the global digital trend. Entirely new ways of doing business are opening up; new ways of connecting with customers, unprecedented levels of refining and using data, and, for the CSI sector, opportunities to accurately select the most effective ways to use limited resources. With research and cooperation across sectors, CSI stands to benefit from a wealth of knowledge and insights  ~ if managers in the sector stay informed and connected.

Join us as we endeavour to become effective agents for change. The way forward is one of cooperation and collaboration, with partners recognising one another’s strengths and working in mutual give and take towards a common good. In the next three months, we’ll be launching a programme that will be of particular interest to CSI managers and is long overdue ~ look out for that, and for regular updates on exciting developments in the ever-evolving CSI space.