When Jay Groat, South Africa’s Photographer of the Year, was looking for a company to design a clean, stunning and impactful website, he could think of no better company than reached Media.

Jay Groat captures ‘frozen slices of time’ to produce still photographs and content videos for some of the country’s top companies.  His still photographs are breath-taking, with clients including Denel, BMW, Automotive Ref, Wiphold and Jojo Tanks – to mention just a few.

Jay started out in motoring photography, where he made a name for himself, winning several awards. Following the dynamic nature of his art, he soon branched out into advertising and documentary photography, for which he is in hot demand. Some of his portraiture and social responsibility images are truly stunning, capturing rare moments of beauty, joy, strength and humour in everyday situations.

Jay is passionate about his work, regularly starting his day at 4 am and continuing until well past sunset. As with all consummate professionals, his aim is always to exceed his clients’ expectations.

reached strove to match this exacting client’s unique vision and brief. He wanted something clean and simple, without too much content.  We went through various options and finally settled on this:  www.jaygroat.co.za.

reached has branched into directions other than website design and no longer considers this one of our core functions. However, for the right client, we will design a website that delivers. Our design principles, woven into everything we do, are quality, simplicity and flair.


Find evidence of this on our own website: Visit www. reached.co.za.