Through our top-notch academic teams, reached Media offers quality,  trustworthiness and accountability that budget-conscious clients are looking for.  We’re currently pioneering change in the South African CSI landscape through various innovative programs and projects.

Besides doing all that we said we do in ‘About‘.  We do more, we laugh,  and boy do we laugh, we are super, super creative, we pray, we wait for projects to be approved, we get disappointment, we fight with our suppliers, we negotiate for our clients, we work hard, we have tea with our associates and freelancers, we go to Church, we argue but most of all we love.

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Public Relations

Our PR component focusses on public announcements.  Whatever the issue – whether the water crisis, or the outbreak of listeria, or any other topical issue – we design the message and get it out in a way that meets client communication priorities and budget. Our team works with local and national radio stations, newspapers and all digital platforms in South Africa.

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Our publishing component focusses on African developmental issues and agendas. We have an uncompromisingly pro-Africa stance and have engaged primarily on projects that have to do with transformation, sustainability, breaking news, political developments and the advancement of African business.

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Our production component oversees television talk shows and vlogs. Thus far our focus has been on Christian input for talk shows and research and development for various vlogs.  In everything that we produce, excellence, integrity and a strong vision of a thriving Africa inform our services.  We are strongly rooted on developmental  and advocacy projects.

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